Even in an ideal world, you probably wouldn’t want to spend all of your time with kids. I know you love them, but kids can be a handful to handle 24/7. On the other side of the spectrum, most likely you must work. You feel guilty but like many parents you may sometimes even bring work home.

All I can say is, the world is changing in an unfathomable pace and it’s hard to keep up. All you can is do your best.

Appreciate the little you have

time with kids

Bloggers and entrepreneurs that I know are already parents feel extremely guilty for spending most of the day working, especially when a product launch is closing. But there is still and hour or two you can find to spend with your child as well as your spouse.

Heck, even if it sometimes means taking your kids out of the kindergarten for an hour during lunch. Forget studies emphasizing endless benefits. You already know that kids need their parents.

Go on playdates


If you find it hard working with kids at home, go on play dates. Collaborate with other parents and make your life easier. Not to mention that being around other kids will teach you a proper way to handle himself or herself.

Kids are kids, they learn ways to manipulate their parents, but dealing with kids is much closer to the relationships they will have as adults.

Set Borders

Brace yourselves but this is a controversial point. In any case, when you are irritated with your kids – don’t deal with them. Send them to their room or somewhere else but don’t deal with them. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids.

However, phycologists agree that the alternative is worse. You know kids will push all your buttons. That’s what they do, they test to see what is safe. But it may be extremely frustrating to the parent.

Set strict time or location based borders so you know where are YOU safe from this sort of harassment instead of lashing out at your kids.

What is guilt-free parenting? Many understand it differently, so don’t bother with technicalities. Simply said, go the extra mile to get to know your kids, spend time with them and then you can expect them to listen to you and understand what it is to be their parent. A lot of parents I know simply hope for the best, too many parents.